Backgammon start setup

backgammon start setup

It's simple to set up a backgammon board, and it takes just a few minutes. Points are numbered for each player, from 1 to 24, starting in that. Learn how to set up a backgammon board in this free how-to video lesson on how to play backgammon. Ein Backgammon Brett aufstellen. Ein Backgammon -Spiel ist leicht aufzustellen, aber es ist hilfreich, den Aufbau des Bretts und all seine Teile zu verstehen.


Backgammon setup backgammon start setup Denke daran, dass die Spielsteine immer ein Spiegelbild ergeben sollten, wenn die Spieler die Spielsteine aufstellen. Unless, you have no checkers on a higher numbered point, then you may bear backgammon start setup a checker from the highest numbered point you have below the number that was rolled. A chouette may be played with either a single doubling cube or multiple cubes. As you can see in this diagram below of the board at the start of the game, it is divided into four segments with points numbered 1 to 24, where 24 to 19 are in your opponent's backgammon start setup board and points 6 to 1 are in your inner board. Backgammon is played for an agreed stake per point. For example, if a player rolls 5 and 3, he may move one checker five spaces to an open point and another checker three spaces to an open point, or he may move the one checker a total of eight spaces to an open point, stadium live only if the intermediate point either three or five spaces from the starting point is also open.

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